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Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association Investigated the Plastics & Rubber Market in India

2017/2/13      view:
On 28 Nov, 2015, Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association with a delegation of 40 visited India, investigating the plastics & rubber market and attended the Indplas’ 15 at the meanwhile. The delegation was warmly welcomed by the Government of Calcutta, State Government of West Bengal and Government of Orissa. Ma Zhanwu, the Consulate-General of China in Kolkata, who attended the Indplas’ 15 and received the delegation and met the Chinese exhibitors. As the exclusive agent of Indplas’ 15, Shanghai Melink Exhibition organized and witnessed the honor of this association visit.   The Chinese Consulate-General Ma Zhanwu Attending the Welcome Ceremony Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association comes from the Shenzhen Plastics Industry Association, which changed its name on 1st Aug, 2013. Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association is the only representative in polymer field and the 5A association in Shenzhen. The polymer materials includes the plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers, adhesives, coatings and polymer-based composites. Being the new materials with the metal materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, the polymer materials is the strategic emerging industry.   Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association was giving the IPF present   Indplas’ 15 was held at Science City Ground, Kolkata, on 27-30 Nov, 2015, by Indian Plastics Federation. It is held every three years.